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Our D of E Gold Residential Courses

Skills for Life

Our traditional 5 day residential Cookery Course.

Chalet Hosts, Self Catering students, Galley Slaves and Nannies are among those who have found the skills they gained with us invaluable.

Join us for D of E Courses ONLINE

Online Courses

Our new online range of courses for your D of E Award Skills section at Bronze, Silver and Gold is now available.

Choose from Vegetarian, vegan or including meat and fish.

Each course block is made up of 12 weekly sessions each with a specific recipe to follow and with a video tutorial and downloadable/printable recipes and tips.

The courses are backed up by our library of other useful 'how to' videos - and each lesson gets individually marked after completion by our online course tutors.

At the end of your course we will write up your assessment and submit the report to eDofE using your participant number.

Welcome to CookAbility

Our cookery courses are designed to teach the basics of cookery - and beyond - and will enable you to cook for yourself and others with ease and confidence.

The Online Skills courses will give you a weekly recipe challenge with video tutorial for your D of E Bronze or Silver Award - or just for fun!

You can use our 5 day Residential Courses for your Gold D of E Award, Creative hours for the I B, St John Grand Prior Award, Queen's Scout, Queen's Guide or other awarding body schemes.

Other Courses

We run many other courses including a range for children of all ages. Kids courses here

Adults courses and demonstrations on many topics.

Individual cookery classes can be arranged.

Gift tokens are available for all classes.

The Pop Up restaurant is popular and often open for occasions parties such as birthdays and staff parties.

We are an Approved Activity Provider for your D of E Gold Residential and also the Skills Section at all levels

The residential course is an approved activity based, personal training programme.

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Skills for Life
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